DMARC360 is a startup innovated by EDX Labs, a Research & Development company based out of Bahrain. Our DMARC360 “Security as a Service" is based on the global framework of DMARC that is now being mandated by various regulators and rapidly being adopted across the globe.

DMARC360 provides DMARC reports analytics platform, technical support, and intelligence services. Our platform enables DMARC with ease in an organization’s ecosystem and protects the brands of the world to eliminate the option of email as a channel for cyber-criminals. Deployment support is tailored to the needs of your organization, from light-touch initial on-boarding through full outsourcing of all DMARC-related functions and monitoring.

Our team brings together information, network and cybersecurity professionals with over a decade of experience in the field.

Together we want to help eliminate email spoofing/ impersonations from happening anywhere regionally to globally.