Global Bank DMARC Adoption Rate

This comprehensive heat map provides an updated overview of the adoption rates for banks worldwide. Find out where your country currently stands on the global DMARC adoption scale.

*Numbers last updated on 1st April 2022

DMARC Adoption Rate By DMARC Policy:

Get the latest Global DMARC Adoption Rate Report: Banking Sector Edition

In our latest report, we’ve analyzed the data of over 6000+ banks across the globe to get an overall view within a specific sector on DMARC implementation, DMARC alignment with respect to policy breakdown on configured domains.

Key Takeaways:

  • Compare global and regional DMARC adoption rate stats.
  • View configuration breakdown
  • View your region’s stance in DMARC adoption
  • Why implement DMARC & its necessity in 2021.
  • Biggest Challenges for Email senders and Receivers
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