About us

Our History

Founded in 2017, DMARC360 is a startup incubated in EDX Labs, a Research & Development company based out of Bahrain. The company has successfully developed CTM360 that operates as an independent company servicing 60+ customers across 22 countries. Our DMARC360 “Security as a Service" is based on the global framework of DMARC that is now being mandated by various regulators and rapidly being adopted across the globe. Whereby, DMARC360 provides DMARC reports analysis platform, technical support and intelligence services.

Our Vision

Major Views

Our goal is to be the most effective and efficient partner for organizations in implementing the DMARC eco-system around the world, providing Anti-phishing, Anti-spoofing and Brand protection to organizations along with increasing the deliver-ability of their genuine emails.

Our Mission

Our Aims

Our aim is to fully weaponize the most important organizations around us that are susceptible to attacks with the DMARC technology in order to achieve our Global Vision of implementing the DMARC eco-system around the world.

Our History

Our Way of Success

DMARC360 aims to solve the fundamental flaw in email security and builds business and operational processes to ensure ongoing DMARC compliance across, gaining unprecedented visibility into senders, vendors & operators


Company formation

Groomed the idea of secure outbound E-mail communication into a startup company called DMARC360.


Conquering the Middle-East

In 2017 we started providing our provisional services and successfully implemented DMARC technology in six organizations.


The Future

Started developing our own Web based DMARC360 solution in order to achieve the company's vision