What is received in the DMARC Aggregate Reports

The DMARC framework allows a domain owner to specify the email address on which to receive their DMARC aggregate reports. These reports are in an XML format, sent by the email recipients every 24 hours and include useful information about the verification results of SPF and DKIM.

Following is the information included in these reports:

  • FROM domain.
  • Sender IP address.
  • Number of Emails.
  • DKIM verification details:
    • DKIM Domain; Selector; Authentication; and Final Result.
  • SPF verification details:
    • SPF Domain; Authentication; and Final Result.
  • Action applied by recipient.
  • Date of the report.
  • Report Submitter (Recipient’s email provider)

alt text

It is important to note that the DMARC aggregate reports do not include the exact sender/recipient email addresses, header details, or any email content.

They provide an overview of the outbound emails sent from a domain, including the email patterns and sources, which help in identifying the legitimate email sources and their verification status. The sole purpose of this is to setup/enhance your SPF and DKIM configurations.

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